Welcome to Cloaked Creators

by Nisha

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new literary blog, specifically aimed at reviewing, analysing and celebrating sci-fi and fantasy work by female and non-binary authors.

Often, when this particular genre comes up, it’s generally believed that almost all the contributors and consumers are men. There are many women out there who prove that is simply not the case, myself included.

Not to plug myself here, but I am a fantasy author. I am currently working on a YA fiction series called Anamchara- if you want, you can find me on Goodreads and buy on Amazon. But that’s not what I’m here to write about. Mostly.

Women often get sidelined in sci-fi and fantasy. Growing up, it was always seen as a "boy’s thing". If you were a girl and liked the genre, then you must also be some sort of tomboy or just faking it to get the attention of boys. This, of course, completely ignores books and TV shows that have female leads or are written by women/non-binary people, which are enjoyed by people of all genders. It’s not just a Boy Thing.

Of course, I am only the co-founder here. The other half of this website is my other half, Kris. I’ll be the first to admit that he (thanks to a daily commute and a longer attention span) reads a lot more than I do and was the first to suggest that this blog become a reality. Between us, we get a lot of reading done- whether it’s short stories, graphic novels or novels- and we have a lot of thoughts that we want to get out there.

Currently, the only one who hears our thoughts on books in depth is our cat. She doesn’t really seem that bothered unless we also happen to be rubbing her belly and telling her how pretty she is (and she really is pretty).


Anyway, we really hope you enjoy our discussions and that they inspire you to read from these authors and make some explorations of your own.

Happy reading!

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